Focus Session: Implementing Coast Guard Navigation and Inspection Circular 02-16

Implementing Coast Guard Navigation and Inspection Circular 02-16:
“Inspection Guidance for Sail Rigging and Masts on Inspected Sail Vessels”

Marc Cruder
David Bank
John Scarano

With the Coast Guard publishing of a national policy document on the inspection and maintenance
of rigging in April 2016, Tall Ships America vessel owners/operators as well as local Coast Guard Offices have been actively engaged with each other to ensure vessels have a program in place and are in compliance with the published Coast Guard guidance in NVIC 02-16.

1. The Coast Guard presenter will start off with an overview of the guidance document content, including:
– elements of a rig preventive maintenance program
– use of third party rigging surveys/rig certification programs
– standing rigging replacement intervals
– mast unstepping intervals
– rig design and plan review submissions

2. Tall Ships America member vessel representatives will follow with how they each are complying with the Coast Guard published guidance. Both a Tall Ships America non-profit member and a Tall Ships America for profit member will present their Coast Guard experience and their program details.

Presented By
Marc Cruder, USCG Headquarters Traveling Inspection Staff
David Bank, Sea Education Association (SEA), Corwith Cramer and Robert C. Seamans
John Scarano, Sail Newport, Adirondack II and Elenor 




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