Focus Session: Program Showcase B – Wavertree and Elissa

 Maritime Heritage Showcase B – Wavertree and Elissa

 Showcase 1: Wavertree: a stem-to-stern, keel-to-truck project
The 1885 ship Wavertree in 2015-2016 underwent an unparalleled restoration thanks to funding from the City of New York. Although the South Street Seaport Museum had still not recovered from hurricane Sandy, the institution successfully managed the $13M overhaul over 16 months, completing at last the restoration that was envisioned when the ship first arrived at the Museum in 1970. Captain Jonathan Boulware will speak about how the ship came to be South Street, her vital importance to the mission, the restoration itself, and how this ship preservation project forms the basis of saving the Museum itself.

Presented by

Jonathan Boulware

Captain Jonathan Boulware serves as Executive Director of South Street Seaport Museum in New York City. A passionate advocate for experiential learning and engagement, he is working to reinvigorate the Seaport Museum’s education and public programming—both ashore and afloat—and to reestablish the role of the Museum as beating heart of the original Seaport of New York.
Capt. Boulware joined the Seaport Museum in November 2011, bringing his extensive education background to the Museum’s programs. In October 2012, he directed the preparation of the fleet in advance of Hurricane Sandy. Working with staff, volunteers, and industry experts he formulated a plan to weather the predicted storm surge and wind. All of the Museum’s vessels survived the hurricane intact. For this effort, Capt. Boulware was awarded the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance’s Hero of the Harbor award for preservation of this important maritime resource.
Capt. Boulware has worked both domestically and internationally on efforts related to safety and regulatory interaction in sailing ships, including participation in both USCG and Germanischer Lloyd rig safety protocols. He has twenty-five years experience in non-profit leadership, education and historic ships and although he principally sails a desk at the moment, he still maintains a USCG license as captain of vessels of 500 tons upon oceans. He grew up around Mystic Seaport Museum and learned to sail in the Mystic River. His hobbies are woodworking, cycling, surfing, and music. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and young son, who is growing up in the South Street Seaport.

 Showcase2: Galveston Historical Foundation presents: S.S.V.   ELISSA, the Road to Subchapter R.

A brief talk on the move of the 1877 Barque ELISSA from an uncertain footing to being re-classified as a Sailing School Vessel. How good teamwork and cooperation between GHF and USCG regulators brought a 140 year old Iron sailing hull in line with modern regulations to give ELISSA  a new lease on life.

Presented by
Mark Scibinico
, has been working on the water since 2004. He began his sailing career on the west coast in 2008. Since then he has been sailing on various vessels on both sides of the American continent traveling as far north as Canada and as far south as the Antarctic. He joined Galveston Historical Foundation at the Texas Seaport museum  in 2012 and helped implement ELISSA’s second restoration . He is now responsible for overseeing the maintenance , operation and crew training of the SSV ELISSA, as well as several other smaller vessel run by Galveston Historical Foundation.





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