Safety Under Sail Forum: Examining the Impact of Fatigue Beyond Watchstanding

Examining the Impact of Fatigue Beyond Watchstanding

Fatigue is a reduction in efficiency or a developed weakness due to over-exertion.  Aboard ship this can occur not just as a result of the physical demands we place on our bodies and lack of rest, that are a result of 24/7 underway operations,  but can develop when we fail to recognize when we create working environments that don’t promote sustainable lifestyles, be it aboard multi-sail daysail boats, or educational coastal voyages that anchor every night.  This session will provide exercises for small group work for similar program type operators, that will facilitate the identification of fatigue trends and work toward developing strategies for mitigation.

Presented by
Captain Virginia Land McGuire Ed. M, Associate Dean for Financial Aid and Student Services, Associate Professor of Nautical Science, Sea Education Association
Captain Rick Miller, Associate Professor of Marine Transportation, Maine Maritime Academy

Captain Virginia Land McGuire
Captain Virginia Land McGuire

Captain Virginia Land McGuire, Ed M, is the Associate Dean for Financial Aid and Student Services, at Sea Education Association, where she has also served as Associate Professor of Nautical Science since 2000.  She holds a 1600ton Ocean Master’s License for Steam, Motor and Auxiliary Sail Vessels and is a certified Emergency Medical Technician with wilderness designation.  Prior to her appointment to the faculty, she served as Master of a number of Tall Ships including TOLE MORE, LIBERTY CLIPPER and OCEAN STAR. Her professional areas of research include Medical Care in Remote Environments, Meteorology and Teaching and Learning Styles.  She resides on Cape Cod with her family.

Captain Rick Miller
Captain Rick Miller

Captain Richard (Rick) Miller is a Professor of Marine Transportation at Maine Maritime Academy in Castine, Maine. His classes of instruction include Terrestrial Navigation (Coastal Piloting), Celestial Navigation, Seamanship, Meteorology, and Marine Weather Routing. Small sailing boats on Barnegat Bay New Jersey were the foundation for a career on the water. Rick earned his bachelor degree from Springfield College and a Master of Science in Education from Capella University. He has successfully blended his academic training as an educator with his passion for sailing for more than 30 years, sailing on a number of sail training vessels and with the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School. In 2008 he was master aboard Maine Maritime Academy’s schooner Bowdoin for a training expedition to the Arctic along the west coast of Greenland. Rick continues to be active as a mariner, most recently sailing seasonally as a master for Sea Education Association in both the Atlantic and Pacific.



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