Safety Under Sail Forum: Revisiting Ship Stability

Revisiting Ship Stability

This session will explore the basics of vessel stability. Capt. Adam Slazas instructs the Stability classes at the Maine Maritime Academy. An overview examining the physical laws affecting a floating body – basic stability theory – will be presented along with some of the principles, terms, and procedures used in the determination of transverse, longitudinal, and damage stability of vessels.  The inclination test, righting arm curves, deck immersion and down flooding will be included in the discussion.

Presented by
Captain Adam Slazas, Department Chair, Marine Transportation, Maine Maritime Academy

Captain Adam Slazas
Captain Adam Slazas


Captain Adam Slazas, Associate Professor of Marine Transportation, joined the Maine Maritime Academy faculty in 2007.  In addition to his teaching responsibilities which include Ship Stability and Navigation Rules, he is the current Marine Transportation Department Chair, the Senior Deck Training Officer sailing aboard the T.S. State of Maine during its annual training cruises, and Maine Maritime Academy’s Marine Transportation Cadet Shipping Coordinator.

He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Marine Transportation from Massachusetts Maritime Academy and holds and a U. S. Coast Guard license as Master, Steam and Motor Vessels, Unlimited Tonnage.    During his previous seagoing career, he sailed in various capacities aboard vessels engaged in petroleum exploration, scientific research, petroleum transportation, and aboard RoRo carriers trading throughout the world.

Capt. Slazas now enthusiastically shares over 23 years of domestic and international shipping experience with future mariners enrolled at Maine Maritime Academy. In 2011-2012, he was chosen by recent alumni to receive the Academy’s prestigious Excellence in Teaching Award.

Pursuing his passion for the sea and interests in foreign cultures as an avid traveler, Captain Slazas has visited well over 100 countries.


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