Focus Session: Revisiting Human Resource Management for Marine Operators

Revisiting Human Resource Management for Marine Operators

Lead Presenter:
Captain Jonathan Kabak, Chair, Tall Ships America’s Ship Operations and Safety Committee

Human Resource Management for any shoreside organization can be challenging at the least, but these challenges are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for companies that operate vessels and employ merchant mariners and others in maritime work.  How do you catagorize a single employee who may spend part of a year as office staff, a shipyard worker and a ship’s officer?  If a deckhand is off hiking with students are they in service to the ship?  If a crew member breaks a contract early, do you have to give them a sea time letter?  Can we use our organization’s health insurance to meet our Maintenance and Cure obligations?

This session will explore the issues and challenges facing Marine Operators, especially aboard vessels that carry passengers and students.

*If you have specific questions that you would like addressed in this session, please submit them to and put HR Session in the subject line.

Don’t forget to register for the conference! Early Bird rates increase after December 5th. Register today and save $100!

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