Focus Session: Playing to the Strength of Geography- Using Geotargeting to Maximize Your Marketing Focus

Playing to the Strength of Geography: Using Geotargeting to Maximize Your Marketing Focus

Will Wright, Chief Creative Officer, Galveston Historical Foundation
Tyler Rasmussen, Hearst Corporation

Playing to the Strength of Geography_Tyler Rasmussen

Location-based technology is opening up a whole new world of possibilities for marketers. From using cities and zip codes to getting as specific as IP address or device ID, marketers can target an audience based on their real time (and past) locations to make sure they are delivering the right message at the right time. In this session, Will Wright with Galveston Historical Foundation, and Larry Cooke with the Houston Chronicle will explain how their partnership helped to successfully drive visitors to the Tall Ships® Galveston event, as well as other organization events, this past April. Learn how you can apply this method to your own port event or use it to expand your program reach beyond your community.

Speaker Bios


Will Wright is the Chief Creative Officer for Galveston Historical Foundation and oversees GHF’s style in marketing, event production, media, and branding. He has worked at the foundation since 2011 and is a graduate of Rice University’s Center for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership, and is currently enrolled at Texas State University where he is working on his Masters of Fine Arts. Additionally, he is the co-producer of the Third Coast Music Festival and owner of the Galveston Island Beach Revue.


Tyler Rasmussen

Working for Hearst in the Houston market for 6 years, Tyler Rasmussen has become well versed in the Hearst digital suite of products. His advertising is specifically targeted to social media strategy, online digital and video display, targeted emails, high-impact ad units, connected television, search engine optimization and search engine marketing. Tyler has a business management degree from Texas Tech University and is certified with the International Advertising Bureau.


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