San Pedro 2019: Conference Agenda

Updated 3.27.2019 – We will be adding presentations and handouts to each of the individual sessions. It will be noted next to the session in the agenda if there are presentations/handouts available to download.

Conference Registration 2 20 2019

WEEKEND WORKSHOPS-Saturday, February 23rd and Sunday, February 24th

Pre- Conference Workshops

Demystifying the Engine Room: An introduction to marine engineering for tall ship sailors
Presenter – Captain Jonathan Kabak

Riddle of the Strands – The Liverpool Eye Splice Revealed
Presenter – Captain and Master Rigger Jamie White

FORUM DAY – Monday, February 25th


Connection Resources to Impact: How to Align Annual Fundraising Strategies to your Mission
Presenter: Kate Neubauer
*Presentation available

Fireside Chat with Funders
Presenters: Mitch Harmatz, Sarah Neff, Kate Neubauer

Ditch the Box: A Study of One Non-Profits Inventive Approach to Fundraising
Presenter: Nicole Capossela
*presentation available

What’s Governance Have to do With It?
Presenter: Alice Collier Cochran
*no presentation, handout available

Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Programs for Tall Ships America members
Presenter: Rachael Miller


Morning program at the hotel
Presenters: Linda Chilton, Lynn Whitley, Nina Quaratella
*Presentations and Resources available

Afternoon Program – Cabrillo Marine Aquarium
Presenters: Linda Chilton, Lynn Whitley, Cabrillo Aquarium Staff


Survey Results available here

Weather Challenges of a Fall Transit South
Presenter: Joe Sienkiewicz
*Presentation available

The Sinking of the El Faro: Lessons Learned
Presenter: Captain Rick Miller

After Incident Review
Presenter: Captain Elliot Rappaport

TUESDAY – February 26th

Keynote Address
Keynote Speaker: Admiral Mark H. Buzby

General Session: Workforce Development Panel Presentation
Presenters: Hali Boyd, Nathan Hauser, Bryce Potter, Amy Grat

Breakout Sessions 1

  1. S’mores Offshore – Captain David Leanza *Presentation available
  2. #MeToo. Now What? How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Workplace Harassment – Jane Kow *no presentation
  3. Creating a Green Event – Rachael Miller, Kimberly Ullmer, Jill Savery
  4. Deckhands, Interns and Mates Council – Jessie Floyd, Captain Billy Sabatini

Breakout Sessions 2

  1. Navigating the Regulatory Seas – Captain Jonathan Kabak, Sara Hirsch
    *Presentation available here –
  2. The Value of Experiential Marketing – Victoria Syme, Brian Lucey, Lauren Magura *presentations available
  3. Riding the Wave: Addressing Mental and Behavioral Health at Sea – Casey Blum, Ian Ridgeway *Presentation available
  4. New Program Showcase– Bristol Marine, Picton Castle

Breakout Sessions 3

  1. Got Game? A Deep Dive into a Killer Social Media Presence – Hali Boyd, Marann Fengler *Presentation available
  2. Addressing the Crewing Crisis in the Tall Ships Fleet – Emmanual Portes, Ger Tsk, Cassandra Sleeper, Captain Jonathan Kabak, Captain Billy Sabatini
  3. Hot Topics in Ocean Literacy: Recapping the Ocean Literacy Summit – Nancy Richardson

WEDNESDAY – February 27th

General Session: Report on Tall Ships America’s Sexual Harassment Survey and Moving the Conversation Forward – Kathleen Moore, Margaret Huebner, Deborah Love

Breakout Session 4

  1. Handling Marine Insurance Claims – Chris Richmond, Tom Lokocz *Presentation available
  2. Volunteer Management Update – Marann Fengler, Mark Scibinico *Presentation available
  3. Playing to the Strengths of Geography: Using Geotargeting to Maximize your Marketing Focus – Will Wright, Tyler Rasmussen *presentation available
  4. Go Beyond Policy: Addressing Harassment in the Tall Ships Workforce – Margaret Huebner, Deborah Love *Presentation and handout available

Breakout Session 5

  1. Sail Repair aboard a Tall Ship – Justin Ailsworth
  2. The Power of Influencer Marketing – Rachael Miller, Michael Bellavia *no presentation used
  3. The Captain Question: Managing the Relationship Between Executive Staff Ashore and Afloat – Jonathan Boulware, Captain Stefan Edick, Brandi Bednarik, Mike Meighan

Breakout Session 6

  1. It’s on the List – Patrick Flynn, Sarah Hirsch, Captain Sharon Dounce *no presentation used
  2. Revisiting Human Resource Management for Marine Operators – Captain Jonathan Kabak
  3. Maritime Weather: Tropical Cyclones – Joe Sienkiewicz *presentation available


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