Focus Session: #MeToo. Now What? How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Workplace Harassment

#MeToo. Now What?  How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Workplace Harassment

Learn the ropes from an employment lawyer, HR expert, and workplace trainer with over two decades of experience on how to steer clear of obstacles and avoid rough seas when a sexual harassment complaint arises in the workplace. Understand how prevalent and costly these claims are for small organizations, and the definitions and modern-day examples that include images and comments about employees on social media and text messages. Learn how to avoid drowning in new legislation and employer obligations. Batten the hatches with the essential elements of a workplace policy, get squared away on the contents of required training of employees, and navigate a safe course with effective remedial action, including how to conduct an effective workplace investigation.


Jane Kow

Jane Kow has practiced employment law and provided human resources consulting services for employers for over 20 years. Following graduation from NYU School of Law in 1993, she practiced at various law firms, where she advised and represented employers of all sizes and across industries in employment disputes. Her firm focuses on advising, training, auditing, and investigating workplaces to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local workplace laws.

Jane Kow advises employers on all aspects of workplace laws, including sexual harassment prevention, investigating, and resolving workplace complaints, legal issues of supervision, regulating employee’s social media use, documenting employee misconduct and performance issues, medical leaves, and reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities, and other employment law compliance topics. She routinely provides customized, interactive sexual harassment prevention training for workplaces consistent with the requirements under AB 1825 California’s sexual harassment prevention law.

Jane Kow has taught Employment Law classes at the University of California at Berkeley Extension Program in Human Resources and Legal Issues of Supervision classes at San Jose State University’s Professional Development Center in the Business and Management Program. Jane Kow has testified before the Commissioners at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) headquarters in Washington, DC on employer best practices on preventing and investigating workplace harassment, including harassment in social media, harassment against employees with disabilities, and how to conduct effective workplace investigations.


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