Wanted: Presenters for the 2018 Conference

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Have something to say? I know you do. I’ve met most of you.

We are currently looking for presenters at our annual conference in New Orleans in February.

We are always looking for helpful, practical and real world information to provide our attendees. Additionally, if you have met someone who you think would be a great presenter on a relevant and interesting topic, encourage them to apply. There is so much we can learn from others who haven’t traditionally spoken to our tall ship community. Take a look at our past conferences to get an idea of topics and sessions.

We’d love to hear from you! More information about being a presenter is here (PDF)

Deadline is November 1st

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2018 Conference Registration is now open!



Early Bird conference registration is now OPEN! Click here to register for the 11th Maritime Heritage Conference and the 45th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships

This year’s conference is in New Orleans, 15-17 February 2018. As in year’s past, we plan to have crew grant opportunities (to be announced). Safety Forum and Education Forum will be on February 14th.

There is more information about the conference on our website. Sign up for this blog to get all the news delivered to your inbox and you won’t miss anything important.

*Young Frankenstein will never not be funny for this announcement. Go ahead and watch the movie already.

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Registration opens September 1

Start saving those pennies!


Early Bird registration for the 11th Maritime Heritage Conference and the 45th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships opens on September 1st.

Join us 15-17 February, at the New Orleans Marriott – French Quarter.

The Theme for the conference is Our Maritime Communities-Stronger Together. The Conference will offer a combination of focus sessions, plenary sessions, forums and Maritime Heritage paper presentations encompassing a broad array of topics.

Register now before prices increase by $100 at midnight November 30th.

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2017 Sail Training Awards: Call for Nominations!

2016 Sail Training Program- Marimed/MAKANI OLU

Each year at the Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships, Tall Ships America honors a select group of sail trainers and supporters for their outstanding contributions to the world of sail training. Candidates are nominated by the membership and the final winners are selected by the Tall Ships America Board of Directors and Staff.

Award categories are (descriptions are on our website):

Lifetime Achievement
Sail Trainer of the Year
Sail Training Program of the Year
Sea Education Program of the Year
Volunteer of the Year

All members in good standing are eligible to nominate candidates for the 2017 Sail Training Awards.  (Nominees must be current members of Tall Ships America)

Email your nominations with supporting documents to Lori Aguiar, Director of Operations, lori@tallshipsamerica.org

or mail to Tall Ships America
Attn: Lori Aguiar
PO Box 1459
Newport, RI 02840.

Deadline for submissions is December 31, 2017.

View past award recipients on our website

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We’re going to New Orleans!

Join us in New Orleans, February 15-17!

We could not be more excited to announce the 11th Maritime Heritage Conference and the 45th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships!  Our two groups will come together for an information-packed joint conference encompassing a broad array of topics in New Orleans.  The Maritime Heritage Conference was last held in 2014, and is unique in bringing together all elements of the maritime heritage community to discuss topics of common interest. Read more about the conference here.

The conference will take place at the New Orleans Marriott- French Quarter. Rooms are available for registered attendees. Register here.

Agenda is coming soon. If you are interested in speaking at the conference, please send in your proposals! There is so much happening among our members, we would love to hear from you.

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Snow at the Seaport

Raise your hand if you sailed in Harvey Gamage
Raise your hand if you sailed in Harvey Gamage

Our conference started off on a high note with the New England Patriots winning the Super Bowl. The low came during the middle of the week when Boston was hit by a doozy of a snow storm stranding several people at airports. But, and thank goodness for technology, we were able to Skype in speakers and shuffle around a few sessions to accommodate late arrivals. As long as there is coffee, sailors are nothing if not amenable to a few fluctuations in a plan.

And so, we gathered in snowy Boston to discuss that which we love best – sailing, sail training and tall ships. Once again, we were able to offer Crew Grants funded through the Liz Strojny Memorial Fund. We had people from as far away as Hawaii (sorry for the snow, guys!) make the trek to join us. You can view the agenda here and photos are posted on our flickr page.

On the last night of the conference, Prom Night, we had our annual TALL SHIPS CHALLENGE(r) Awards and Sail Training Awards. All of the winners were nominated by their peers. During some the presentations, it was hard to keep your composure as the accolades of the recipients were read out loud. Hearing how these people and programs have changed lives is incredibly inspiring and renews our passion for sail training and tall ships. Below is a list of the winners – Congratulations to everyone! Continue reading

Bring your game face and your useless knowledge


That’s right, nerds! Pub Trivia is BACK! Are you a fount of useless information and arcane facts? This night is for you!

Join us Tuesday, February 7th 9:00pm at the Tamo Bistro and Bar in the Seaport Hotel. Brian Holmen and Erin Short will be your quizmasters.  The grand prize will be the respect of your fellow sailors and bragging rights for the rest of the conference.

We are limiting team size to six people but there is no limit to how many teams we can have. You just have to have a witty name (make it good, people) and show up.  Help us kick off the 44th Annual Conference on Sail Training and Tall Ships!