Admin Forum: Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Administrator Forum – Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Presenter: Rachael Miller, Founder, Rozalia Project

Going from running an ocean protection organization on the ocean to manufacturing an object to protecting the ocean from the mountains of Vermont required that we learn techniques from the startup/entrepreneurial world. This interactive workshop will wrap up the Admin Forum with the best Tall Ships member-relevant tips and techniques Rozalia Project/Cora Ball’s Founder, Rachael Z Miller, learned participating in a series of accelerator and incubator programs as she and her team made the Cora Ball, a microfiber catching laundry ball, a commercial reality.



Rachael Miller is the Founder of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean and Co-Inventor/CEO of Cora Ball.  Rozalia Project is a nonprofit whose mission is to clean and protect the ocean. It launched in late 2009 and works on marine debris using the strategies of: cleanup, education, innovation and solutions-based research. She is also the Founder/CEO and part of the design team for the Cora Ball, a human-scale, consumer-based solution to microfiber pollution working to share the problem and solution with people all over the world. Rachael holds a USCG 50 ton Master’s license and captains the 60’ sailing research vessel, American Promise. Her academic background is in marine studies and underwater archaeology. She lives in Vermont and loves to ski as much as sail.


Focus Session: Sail Repair aboard a Tall Ship

Sail Repair aboard a Tall Ship

Justin Ailsworth, co-owner Ullman Sails Chesapeake

An interactive sail repair workshop with Traditional Sailmaker Justin Ailsworth.  Learn the proper techniques to repair sails aboard.  This hands- on session will demonstrate the unique methods used to repair sails. Be ready to put on a sailmakers palm and learn how to patch sails, fix a failing seams, restitch bolt ropes, make and sewing grommets.



Justin Ailsworth is part owner and the lead sailmaker of Ullman Sails Chesapeake.  He oversees the construction of every new sail and works with new sail customers.  Justin has sailed a wide range of racing and cruising sailboats along with tall ships.  He was the captain of the Christopher Newport University Varsity Sailing Team from 2001-2004. During college, he started working as a sailmaker at Winters Sails in Hampton, Va.  After college, he spent several years working with a non-profit before Joining the team at Ullman Sails. Today Justin is one of the few sailmakers in the country to specialize in building traditional sails for tall ships such as the USCGC Eagle, Jamestown’s Godspeed, Mayflower  and the Schooner Virginia.

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Admin Forum: What’s Governance got to do with it?

Admin Forum: What’s Governance got to do with it?

Presenter:  Alice Collier Cochran, M.Ed. 

How can the relationships of dedicated people, working together for the common good, go so badly in nonprofit organizations – including those that operate sail training ships?  The culprit can often be found in the confusing and sometimes conflicting roles and responsibilities of the various leaders involved: board members, executive director, professional staff and volunteers.

This session will use nautical analogies and comparisons to illustrate how to clarify these roles and smooth the rough waters, which will strengthen the organization.

Participants will leave knowing:

    • What is governance and how it differs from management
    • What are the different roles of the Executive Director and Board President/Members
    • The legal duties and best practices of a Board
    • The supporting role of employees and volunteers
    • How to separate overlapping but complimentary roles to provide strength to the organization.
    • The resources available nationally and regionally that support nonprofit organizations


Alice Cochran-2

Alice Collier Cochran is an experienced consultant on governance, collaborative planning and board meeting effectiveness in Public Benefit Corporations (nonprofits).

She recently “rewired” from an administrative role in the Institute for Leadership Studies, Barowsky School of Business at Dominican University of California.  She is also a former member of the Board of the Golden Gate Tall Ships Society and Tall Ships America.

Alice is the author of Roberta’s Rules of Order (Jossey-Bass/Wiley) and a Quick Start Guide to customize meeting and decision-making guidelines.  She leads workshops and facilitates “advances” (not retreats) to align the leaders with their mission and envision the future together.


Focus Session: Insurance Claims- How to prepare and work through your inevitable claim

Insurance Claims- How to prepare and work through your inevitable claim

Tom Adams, Allen Insurance & Financial
Chris Richmond, Allen Insurance & Financial

Insurance, you don’t need it until you need it. Insurance can be one of the biggest expenses your organization incurs during the year, but it may also cover you for what could be significant financial losses.  The key to dealing with a claim falls into two categories: Before and after. Before: Review your risks carefully, minimize them when possible, and add appropriate coverages. After: Communicate effectively and navigate through the world of adjustors, surveyors and claims representatives.

Marine insurance agent Chris Richmond and marine surveyor Tom Lokocz Adams will help you learn the path to minimizing your loss and receiving the compensation you are due from your insurance company.



 Chris Richmond is an able-bodied seaman and former schooner captain. He holds a USCG 100-ton Near Coastal Masters license and AB with sail endorsement. He has captained the schooners Roseway, Appledore II, Mercantile and Mistress and was chief mate aboard the schooners New Way and Bill of Rights.

As a licensed insurance producer in Maine, holding the Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) and Associate in General Insurance (AINS) designations, Chris now works with his colleagues in Maine and elsewhere to help manage the risks and safety challenges he knows so well.

Chris is a graduate of The American University in Washington, D.C and the Marine Systems Program at The Landings School in Arundel, Maine, and now serves on that school’s program advisory committee. He has also worked for Mastervolt USA and Victron Energy as North American Sales Manager. Chris lives in Camden, Maine with his wife and three children and is currently finishing off a 32’ Atkin ‘Eric”.

tom adams

Tom Lokocz Adams has over 25 years of experience in the marine industry. Tom started his career working on the Maine Windjammer fleet and has logged thousands of sea miles since, many of them as captain. For the last 19 years, Tom has owned Maine Design Company which provides marine surveying, design and engineering services. Tom earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Maine with focus areas in composite engineering and experimental fluid dynamics. He also holds a degree in yacht design from the Landing School of Boatbuilding and Design and a 200 ton USCG Masters license. Tom is an Accredited Marine Surveyor (AMS) with Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS).


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What do you know?


Step right up, nerds! That’s right, Pub Trivia is BACK! Do you love dazzling people with your useless knowledge and arcane facts? This night is for you!

Join us Sunday, February 24th at the Marina Bar & Grill at the DoubleTree Hotel for a feisty evening of trivia.

The grand prize will be the respect of your fellow sailors and bragging rights for the rest of the conference.

We are limiting team size to six people but there is no limit to how many teams we can have. You just have to have a witty name (make it good, people) and show up.  Help us kick off the 46th Annual Conference!

Sign up sheets will be available at the registration desk so start calling your friends. Let’s do this!

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Focus Session: #MeToo. Now What? How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Workplace Harassment

#MeToo. Now What?  How to Navigate the Choppy Waters of Workplace Harassment

Learn the ropes from an employment lawyer, HR expert, and workplace trainer with over two decades of experience on how to steer clear of obstacles and avoid rough seas when a sexual harassment complaint arises in the workplace. Understand how prevalent and costly these claims are for small organizations, and the definitions and modern-day examples that include images and comments about employees on social media and text messages. Learn how to avoid drowning in new legislation and employer obligations. Batten the hatches with the essential elements of a workplace policy, get squared away on the contents of required training of employees, and navigate a safe course with effective remedial action, including how to conduct an effective workplace investigation.


Jane Kow

Jane Kow has practiced employment law and provided human resources consulting services for employers for over 20 years. Following graduation from NYU School of Law in 1993, she practiced at various law firms, where she advised and represented employers of all sizes and across industries in employment disputes. Her firm focuses on advising, training, auditing, and investigating workplaces to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local workplace laws.

Jane Kow advises employers on all aspects of workplace laws, including sexual harassment prevention, investigating, and resolving workplace complaints, legal issues of supervision, regulating employee’s social media use, documenting employee misconduct and performance issues, medical leaves, and reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities, and other employment law compliance topics. She routinely provides customized, interactive sexual harassment prevention training for workplaces consistent with the requirements under AB 1825 California’s sexual harassment prevention law.

Jane Kow has taught Employment Law classes at the University of California at Berkeley Extension Program in Human Resources and Legal Issues of Supervision classes at San Jose State University’s Professional Development Center in the Business and Management Program. Jane Kow has testified before the Commissioners at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) headquarters in Washington, DC on employer best practices on preventing and investigating workplace harassment, including harassment in social media, harassment against employees with disabilities, and how to conduct effective workplace investigations.


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Focus Session: Riding the Wave-Addressing Mental and Behavioral Health at Sea

Riding the Wave: Addressing Mental and Behavioral Health at Sea

Captain Casey Blum,  Foundation for Underway Experiential Learning
Captain Ian Ridgeway, Foundation for Underway Experiential Learning

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five adolescents live with a serious mental health condition, with half of all mental health disorders beginning by age 14. With these statistics on the rise, it is necessary as a field to discuss whether and how we are addressing mental and behavioral health concerns within our programs. Whether on a day sail or an offshore passage, participants and/or the ship’s crew may be struggling. This session will seek to answer the following questions and more:

  • As a field, are we meeting the mental and behavioral health needs of our passengers and our crews?
  • How can organizations be prepared to provide resources while at sea?
  • What are strategies for addressing these needs that can be implemented right away?
  • What are the consequences/ramifications for not meeting those needs?


Casey Blum

Captain Casey Blum, MS, MSW, first joined the tall ship sailing community as a deckhand onboard schooner ALABAMA of the Black Dog Tall Ships in 2007. She worked for the Black Dog Tall Ships for 10 years, becoming the first and only female captain in the company’s 55 year history. She is the co-founder and program director of a new developmental adventure program, the Foundation for Underway Experiential Learning (FUEL). FUEL offers college curriculum in an experiential framework onboard a world-voyaging sailing ship. In addition to her work for FUEL and the Black Dog Tall Ships, Casey has worked as a sailing instructor for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), as a wilderness therapy guide. She has a dual master’s degree from University of New Hampshire in Outdoor Education and Adventure Therapy.


Ian Ridgeway

Captain Ian Ridgeway is the president and co-founder of the Foundation for Underway Experiential Learning (FUEL). FUEL offers college curriculum in an experiential framework onboard a world voyaging sailing ship. Before founding FUEL, Ian spent 20 years working for the Black Dog Tall Ships in Vineyard Haven, MA. He worked his way through the ranks to become one of the youngest captains of schooner ALABAMA, a position he held for eight year. He has since acted as a relief captain onboard the schooner SHENANDOAH, the only know non-auxiliary square topsail schooner in the United States and possibly the world. Ian’s long maritime career has also included various private yacht deliveries, work as a sailmaker for Sperry Sails, and experience working with naval architects in vessel design.


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