Focus Session- Go Beyond Policy: Addressing Harassment in the Tall Ships Workforce

Go Beyond Policy: Addressing Harassment in the Tall Ships Workforce

Panel Members:
Deborah Love, Esq., Robert Jenkins & Associates Law Firm
Margaret Huebner, Human Resource Management consultant
Kris Von Wald, Tall Ships America

Sexual Harassment TSA 2019(PDF)
Go Beyond Policy TSA Conference Handout(PDF)

Following on from the discussion of the survey results, this session will offer an opportunity for further discussion and exploring answers to additional questions. As organizations dealing with sexual harassment and discrimination, what are we working toward? How do we start? What are our action items? In this panel session we will have an open conversation about facing sexual harassment in our organizations. Capt. Sarah Hirsch will facilitate a discussion between D. Love, M. Huebner, and Kris Von Wald discussing the path to maintain a safe workplace environment that promotes respect among colleagues. This session will provide ample time for questions and discussion from those attending the session.

Deborah Love

Deborah Love, Esq. – Ms. Love is an associate at Robert Jenkins and Associates, Law Firm, where she is practicing criminal law and handling Title IX cases. She is also an adjunct instructor at Tulane’s Freeman School of Business and is pursuing her Master’s degree. For almost 14 years, Ms. Love served as Tulane University’s Vice President for Institutional Equity. Before her appointment at Tulane, she served as the Associate Vice President for Diversity and Equal Opportunity at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida.

Ms. Love has provided advice and consultation to numerous educational institutions, businesses, and organizations. She has presented on a wide range of human relations and organizational behavior subjects such as, understanding and mitigating the effects of unconscious biases, preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace and academic environment, identifying and preventing sexual harassment and sexual misconduct, reducing workplace conflict, developing leadership and management skills that support inclusive and equitable environments, conducting Title IX investigations and reporting requirements, improving gender equity and race relations, designing and implementing best recruitment and hiring practices, building cross-cultural competencies, and many others.

Ms. Love is an alumna of Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. Love earned her Juris Doctorate from the University of Mississippi’s School of Law.  She completed the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Leadership Development Program and is a graduate of the Higher Education Resource Services (HERS) Bryn Mawr Summer Leadership Institute.



Career executive in Human Resources Management, Ms. Huebner had an extensive career in maritime and supply logistics industries for nearly 20 years and another 20 years in defense/aerospace manufacturing. She spent nearly a decade in the Middle East, working in Oman and Kuwait.  Now retired, she is actively involved in philanthropic work through Hope In Life Foundation.  She is a graduate of Claremont Graduate University with an M.S. in Human Resources Design. She currently resides in Las Vegas.

Kris Von Wald joined Tall Ships America as Executive Director in January 2019. She offers a wealth of experience in organizational development, with a focus on strategic and business planning and leadership development. Kris has worked across the commercial, nonprofit, and public sectors in the United States and the United Kingdom, with specialist expertise in leading transformational change and experience in youth development and educations. Growing up along the front range in Colorado fostered her keen interest in outdoor pursuits. She has first-hand experience of the value of learning through outdoor and adventurous activity including a sailing adventure through Hurricane Island Outward Bound, as a leader on a Greenland expedition, and by sailing  aboard Christian Radich. Kris’s goal is to build a business model for Tall Ships America that creates a sustainable future built on a solid past, resulting in more resources and opportunities for the entire tall ships community.

Tuesday General Session- Workforce Development: Encouraging and Training the Next Generation of Mariners

Tuesday General Session

 Workforce Development: Encouraging and Training the Next Generation of Mariners

Hali Boyd, The Seafarer Collective
Nathan Hauser, Moran Towing Corporation
Bryce Potter, Clatsop Community College

From reaching out to students to let them know of maritime careers, to training aspiring mariners, and hiring them once they are prepared, we all need to take a role in mentoring new crew and those trained for the maritime trades.

This session will introduce ideas to generate interest in students and facilitate their advancement into maritime careers.


Hali Headshot

Hali Boyd serves as the Director of The Seafarer Collective, a Grays Harbor Historical Seaport maritime resource hub that provides educational opportunities and career mentorship to underrepresented populations on the water. Hali served as a deckhand, educator, bosun and mate onboard traditional sailing vessels before earning her captain’s license and moving to the commercial sector where she worked on small cruise ships and Columbia River tugboats. In addition to her maritime background, Hali has a degree in Medical Anthropology from Berkeley and brings experience as an Executive Coach, Marketing Director, Outdoor Education Program Director and Social Media Manager to her work as an advocate for maritime professional development.

Nate Hauser

Nathan Hauser currently serves as the Vice President and General Manager of Moran Philadelphia and Baltimore, both Divisions of the Moran Towing Corporation.

Nathan joined Moran in 2002 and has worked in various capacities in Engineering and Operations before assuming the position of General Manager in Philadelphia in 2010.  Nathan was deeply involved in efforts to achieve industry leading quality and safety certifications. Prior to joining Moran, Nathan was employed aboard US flagged oceangoing oil tankers.  He also served 14 years as a Reserve Naval Officer.

Nathan is a Dual-License graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point.  He maintains current licensing in both the Deck and Engineering departments, including unlimited and ocean endorsements.  He currently serves as a Board Member for the Maritime Academy Charter High School and is the Vice President of the Ports of Philadelphia Maritime Society.

Potter lr

Bryce Potter teaches Maritime Science at Clatsop Community College in Astoria, Oregon. He runs the school’s training vessel and oversees most hands-on and all underway training for the 2-year USCG approved school ship program. A graduate of Maine Maritime Academy, he has spent the majority of his maritime career in sail training with occasional forays into tugboat work and project management. He is passionate about teaching and training. In addition to many years aboard tall ships and on tugboats, he worked as a Deck Training Officer for Maine Maritime Academy during an annual summer cruise aboard the training ship State of Maine before landing in his current berth in Astoria.



Focus Session: Volunteer Management Update

Volunteer Management Update

Captain Richard Dorfman, Wavertree, South Street Seaport Museum
Captain Mark Scibinico, Director of Maritime Operations and Port Captain for the Texas Seaport Museum

Volunteer Management Update_Dorfman 


When it comes to managing volunteers, some challenges are universal and ever present. This session will focus on two aspects of that challenge.

How do you manage legacy volunteers? You know the ones – they’ve been around forever, or they’ve come and gone for years. The “old guard” knows them, but the newbies might not. How do you encourage and retain the wisdom, experience, and enthusiasm they bring, but mitigate the negative influences of any resistance and resentment they might have developed?

And now that we’re in this brave new world of cloud-based technologies, what are ways of utilizing free online tools to organize, communicate with, and track volunteers? Such tools can make a huge difference, and putting them to work for you is easier than you might imagine. We’ll demonstrate one effective method of making several platforms work together.

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Focus Session: Got Game? A Deep Dive into a Killer Social Media Presence

Got Game? A Deep Dive into a Killer Social Media Presence

Hali Boyd, Director, The Seafarer Collective
Marann Fengler, Team Rubicon


In the ever-evolving and currently near-mandatory world of social media, one thing never changes: high-quality content stands out. If you know your voice and brand standards, post with confidence, and share engaging content, your visibility can go through the roof… and take your bookings and fundraising with it.

So what makes a quality post? What are some tricks to make your work look tight and professional? How frequently should your organization be posting on each of the major platforms? How can you use Facebook groups and pages to your advantage? How do you set up groups? How are your organization’s brand guidelines represented in your social images and copy? And how can you accomplish all of your social media marketing and outreach in less time per week than you ever imagined?

The first half of this session will present an in-depth analysis of social media best practices and tips on time-saving methods to work the system. Part two will be an interactive brand guidelines workshop. Participants will identify their organization’s key mission, vision, visual and copy brand drivers, and learn how to translate these core concepts into powerful social media strategies.

Come ready to brainstorm, synthesize, and collaborate!

Hali Headshot

Hali serves as the Director of The Seafarer Collective, a Grays Harbor Historical Seaport maritime resource hub that provides educational opportunities and career mentorship to underrepresented populations on the water. Hali served as a deckhand, educator, bosun and mate onboard traditional sailing vessels before earning her captain’s license and moving to the commercial sector where she worked on small cruise ships and Columbia River tugboats. In addition to her maritime background, Hali has a degree in Medical Anthropology from Berkeley and brings experience as an Executive Coach, Marketing Director, Outdoor Education Program Director and Social Media Manager to her work as an advocate for maritime professional development.



In mid-2004 Marann Fengler decided liquid water was as intriguing as solid, so she hung up her boots, left professional figure skating, and became a tall ship sailor. The following years challenged and changed her in ways too numerous to illustrate in a short bio. They took her all over North America in vessels like Lynx, Virginia, Kaisei, and many others. Her particular soft spot for a pair of Los Angeles-based brigantines resulted in her 2013 hypnosis by Martyn Clark, then director of LA Maritime Institute. He lured her into a boat/office hybrid job and she spent several years herding and training volunteers, hiring crew, and the usual myriad other tasks that come with running a sail training program. She moved on at the end of 2017 and is currently enjoying unique activities like sleeping through an entire night. A fair amount of her spare time is dedicated to running the regional communications team for disaster response organization Team Rubicon’s southwest territory, but she will forever be a passionate advocate of sail training and is present at this conference to help ensure this incredibly worthwhile pursuit continues indefinitely.

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Focus Session: S’mores Offshore

S’mores Offshore: Building a multilevel youth sail training camp

Captain David Leanza, SV Carlin, Camp Four Winds and Salish Sea Expeditions

Smores Offshores (PDF)

Youth sail training can be described as summer camp on the water. We will discuss all aspects of how to make a great camp program aboard ship. Camps build communities of alumni, give kids experiences away from technology, and allows them to discover a new circle of friends outside of school and family.

We’ll cover program details such as teaching seamanship, building traditions, teaching science, and learning nautical crafts. We will also cover administrative needs such as building beneficial partnerships with other youth organizations like summer camps, yacht clubs, Scouts, Sea Cadets, etc. We will discuss recruiting volunteers from past trainees to build a great ongoing youth volunteer program based on the camp model of a counselors-in-training.




Captain, SV Carlyn, Camp Four Winds and Salish Sea Expeditions. Camp Four Winds has operated schooners and yawls for youth voyaging since the 1930s. Before running SV Carlyn for Camp Four Winds, David’s experience included work aboard Schooner Island Seas, Schooner Appledore V, SV Exy Johnson, Schooner AJ Meerwald, SV Geronimo and Sloop Providence.

We can’t guarantee S’mores with this session but we can guarantee you’ll learn something. Register for the conference today!

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Admin Forum: Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Administrator Forum – Accelerator and Entrepreneurship Workshop

Presenter: Rachael Miller, Founder, Rozalia Project

Going from running an ocean protection organization on the ocean to manufacturing an object to protecting the ocean from the mountains of Vermont required that we learn techniques from the startup/entrepreneurial world. This interactive workshop will wrap up the Admin Forum with the best Tall Ships member-relevant tips and techniques Rozalia Project/Cora Ball’s Founder, Rachael Z Miller, learned participating in a series of accelerator and incubator programs as she and her team made the Cora Ball, a microfiber catching laundry ball, a commercial reality.



Rachael Miller is the Founder of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean and Co-Inventor/CEO of Cora Ball.  Rozalia Project is a nonprofit whose mission is to clean and protect the ocean. It launched in late 2009 and works on marine debris using the strategies of: cleanup, education, innovation and solutions-based research. She is also the Founder/CEO and part of the design team for the Cora Ball, a human-scale, consumer-based solution to microfiber pollution working to share the problem and solution with people all over the world. Rachael holds a USCG 50 ton Master’s license and captains the 60’ sailing research vessel, American Promise. Her academic background is in marine studies and underwater archaeology. She lives in Vermont and loves to ski as much as sail.

Focus Session: Sail Repair aboard a Tall Ship

Sail Repair aboard a Tall Ship

Justin Ailsworth, co-owner Ullman Sails Chesapeake

An interactive sail repair workshop with Traditional Sailmaker Justin Ailsworth.  Learn the proper techniques to repair sails aboard.  This hands- on session will demonstrate the unique methods used to repair sails. Be ready to put on a sailmakers palm and learn how to patch sails, fix a failing seams, restitch bolt ropes, make and sewing grommets.



Justin Ailsworth is part owner and the lead sailmaker of Ullman Sails Chesapeake.  He oversees the construction of every new sail and works with new sail customers.  Justin has sailed a wide range of racing and cruising sailboats along with tall ships.  He was the captain of the Christopher Newport University Varsity Sailing Team from 2001-2004. During college, he started working as a sailmaker at Winters Sails in Hampton, Va.  After college, he spent several years working with a non-profit before Joining the team at Ullman Sails. Today Justin is one of the few sailmakers in the country to specialize in building traditional sails for tall ships such as the USCGC Eagle, Jamestown’s Godspeed, Mayflower  and the Schooner Virginia.

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