Focus Session: The Power of Influencer Marketing

The Power of Influencer Marketing

Michael Bellavia, Chief Executive Officer, HelpGood
Rachael Miller, Founder, Rozalia Project

Today more brands than ever are using influencers to reach a larger audience on social media. But what does this even mean and where do you start? Michael Bellavia with HelpGood, a marketing agency focused on social good, will address how to build a relationship with influencers, how to use that partnership to build credibility, and the benefits that come with it. Using Rozalia Project’s recent collaboration with a Los Angeles-based influencer, he will go through the process of finding the right influencer and creating the right content. We’ll hear from Rachael Miller about how effective their collaboration was and what their program gained from the relationship. Together, they will show how influencer marketing can build brand credibility, trust and enthusiasm among your followers.


Speaker Bios
Michael Bellavia lr

Michael Bellavia is an Emmy-winning producer and the CEO of HelpGood, a digital marketing agency. At HelpGood Michael leads marketing & communications strategic engagements for nonprofits, foundations, universities, and cause marketers. Clients include the The Humane Society, Ad Council, United Way, National Forest Foundation, American Heart Association, Love Has No Labels, the JED Foundation, AT&T, USAID, and Planned Parenthood among others. Client work has won Webbys, Streamys, various PR awards and even a Gold Smokey Bear Award, the Forest Service’s highest honor.

Michael has an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BS in Engineering from The University of Michigan. He’s a former VP and National Board Member of the Producers Guild of America and is a member of the Television Academy and the Public Relations Society of America.


Rachael Miller is the Founder of Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean and Co-Inventor/CEO of Cora Ball.  Rozalia Project is a nonprofit whose mission is to clean and protect the ocean. It launched in late 2009 and works on marine debris using the strategies of: cleanup, education, innovation and solutions-based research. She is also the Founder/CEO and part of the design team for the Cora Ball, a human-scale, consumer-based solution to microfiber pollution working to share the problem and solution with people all over the world. Rachael holds a USCG 50 ton Master’s license and captains the 60’ sailing research vessel, American Promise. Her academic background is in marine studies and underwater archaeology. She lives in Vermont and loves to ski as much as sail.

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