Pre-Turkey Day To Do List


Before you become part of the sweaty mass of humanity travelling these next few days only to fall face first into a food coma, why not cross a few easy things from your to do list? It’s as easy as pouring gravy and as comforting as apple pie.

Sunday, December 1st is the last day to nominate a worthy recipient for our annual sail training awards. Who has inspired you this year? 

Right after you send in your nomination, scoot on over to our website and register for the  conference in San Diego in February. Register before Friday, December 6th and you save $100 on the registration fee. Early bird registration ends at midnight (EST) so plan accordingly. We don’t want to hear any flimsy excuses about why you missed registering early. We are heartless, especially since this year’s theme is Planning the Voyage. Make us proud. Register early.

For all the crew out there, we have not one but two (TWO!) grants available for you. Generously sponsored by Maritime Simulation Institute and the USMMA Sailing Foundation, these grants are a great way to join us at the conference.   Criteria for the MSI grant  and for the USMMA Sailing Foundation grant. The USMMA deadline is December 3rd.

Have you seen the conference agenda yet? We have weekend workshops, awards gala (with a sweet local band), a late night tea party, and so much more.


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